Happy New Year, my fellow freelance writers! I hope you had a fun and productive 2017. Now, let’s talk freelance writing goals for 2018.

Did you spend a lot of time learning and growing this year as you began to tackle the minefield that is freelance writing? Because I certainly did!

Let me start by saying that it’s so important to have freelance writing goals in place. I started my biz eight months ago now, and I’ve evolved so much since then in terms of both the theory and practice. I still have a long way to go and a lot that I’m aiming for, but I’m definitely in a much better place now than I was originally.

With the help of my peers and the freelance writing community, I’ve managed to create and maintain a sustainable business which I look forward to developing even further this year.

That being said – here are some important freelance writing goals to set for your business in 2018, whether you’re a newbie or an expert, based on my own business analysis.

freelance writing goals

1. Perfect your pitch.

Granted, you’ve probably already started pitching in 2017, whether this is cold pitching, warm pitching, or applying to jobs through freelance writing job boards and marketplaces.

However, even if you’ve been freelance writing for years, it’s always worth assessing your pitch every now and again and going over each sentence with a critical eye. I find that there are always improvements to be made, especially if you’re sending multiple pitches per day and you’re not getting many responses.

Just like your freelance writing business, your pitch will grow and adapt over time, based on what’s working and what clearly isn’t. Take your time to research what exactly it is that makes a good pitch, incorporate these findings into your own pitch and then away you go, sailor.

(If you’re really struggling and need some help perfecting your pitch, Elise Dopson offers an amazing course called “Email Templates for Freelancers”. In this course, Elise caters for every possible problem that you could come across as a freelance writer whereby you need to communicate with your client efficiently and effectively. There is also a blurb above each template explaining the situation where you’d need to use the template which is extremely handy. You can enroll here.)

2. Find high paying clients.

One of the most difficult things about being a freelance writer in the early stages is making the jump from being a novice who makes a few bucks every now and again on marketplaces, such as Upwork, to a professional writer who can consistently add value to moderately-sized businesses.

The latter is where you’ll find high paying clients. I must admit, it takes a lot of time and hard work to make the jump, and you might find yourself somewhere in the middle for a rather long time (me in 2017) – but it’ll be so worth it when you get there.

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3. Market yourself effectively.

Make self-promotion one of your key freelance writing goals this year.

I find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week, to do everything that I want to do to market myself as a freelance writer on a regular basis. #FreelanceWriterProblems

The majority of my time is spent writing, as that’s how I earn money – and gal’s got to make a living, yo! That’s why one of my core goals in 2018 is to make sure I get into more of a routine with my marketing efforts.

The best way to market yourself as a freelance writer? I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s not way, it’s ways. Plural.

If you use a combo of SEO on your professional website and/or blog, social media and referrals – then you’ve pretty much cracked it. Guest posting can also be a great way for potential clients to find you and check out your site.

And always remember: the more clicks and traffic you get to your site/blog/social media channels, the more chances you have to promote yourself to potential clients with great content, and the more likely these potential clients are going to choose you as their new content creator.

Content might be King, but good marketing techniques create more opportunities for clients to convert. Think about it 😉

4. Create a consistent and distinctive brand.

There’s not enough emphasis out there in the freelance writing community about how important it is for your personal branding to be spot-on.

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For example, my pink, feminine branding showing stationary and writing tools helps communicate to my audience that I’m primarily a fashion writer focusing on womenswear.

Plus, all my visuals are consistent across my site and blog, using the same fonts and colour palette. This creates a brand handwriting that’s immediately recognisable to my audience and reflective of my business.

I’m going to dedicate an entire blog post on this subject in the near future. But for now, I must emphasise that branding is everything. Well, maybe not everything – but it sure does help you in your quest to achieve freelance writing success.

5. Find ways to boost your financial income.

Obviously, making bank should be high on your priority list when it comes to setting freelance writing goals.

The more high paying clients you have on board, the more likely you are to boost your financial income in 2018. And if you have multiple income streams? Even better.

I’m slowly but surely in the process of learning how to monetise this blog, which I will share with you in detail once I become an expert on the subject, but here are the basic methods:

  • Affiliate marketing – This involves being in partnership with companies to earn commission from their sales by using affiliate links throughout your content.
  • Digital products – This involves creating eBooks and/or online courses to sell information to your audience.
  • Sponsored posts – This involves advertising a brand or company’s products or services to your audience through a dedicated blog post.

You can also charge companies for web banner advertising, but this tends to ruin the whole aesthetic of your site and/or blog.

Basically, we all want to grow our freelance writing businesses and continue to be successful, so it’s a good idea to look into different options of how you can make money. That way, if one of your revenues suddenly closes down (for example, you lose a client) then you have the other revenues to fall back on and it won’t hurt you too much financially.

freelance writing goals

It’s true that we all have doubts as new business owners, and we all have “the fear” that something will happen and our biz will suddenly no longer exist. But, it’s important to always have freelance writing goals in place for your business, so that you know which way you’re heading and what you need to realistically achieve to take your biz to the next level.

Even if you don’t always meet these freelance writing goals, at least you can say at the end of the year that you’ve given them a damn good try.

Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2018, fellow freelance writers! 🙂

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