The world of blogging is a minefield.

I get it.

If you’re new to freelance writing or trying to grow your own business, I can understand why you might think that blogging is at the bottom of your priority list.

I mean, there are so many more important marketing techniques you can implement rather than start a blog, right?


One of the questions I get asked the most by my own freelance writing clients, or newbies just beginning their freelance writing journey, is why oh why (on God’s green earth) do you need to have a blog?

Well, there are plenty of reasons. But we’re going to cover off the main ones in this blog post.

And, by the end, skeptics worldwide should fully understand and accept the 6 reasons why you need a blog for your business.

Reasons Why You Need a Blog

1. It connects you to your target audience.

Reason 101 as to why you need a blog: Your blog is the perfect place to speak and engage with your target audience.

It’s the ideal (free, might I add) PR platform whether you’re a product-based or service-based business.

And, if you do blogging right, your posts will consist of a specific formula that will intrigue and inform the reader and encourage them to keep coming back.


I’m going to write a post in the near future that covers how to create unique and valuable blog content, so watch out for that.

But, for now, let me just say that your blog is the perfect platform to captivate your consumer and start building a successful rapport.

So, what are you waiting for?

2. It builds trust with your audience.

A blog for your brand or business doesn’t just connect you to your target audience, it shows your authority in the niche that you’re blogging about.

And, when you show authority in a specific niche, you build trust with your readers as time passes.

Do you know what trust leads to, my friends?

Returning readers. And potential customers. Win, win.


3. It increases your search engine visibility.

You know the blog post formula I was talking about earlier?

Well, the best and most successful blogs belonging to businesses take SEO into account (Search Engine Optimisation).

Your blog can effectively boost your website’s SEO score, and have it rank higher on Google, if you produce regular posts that are SEO-friendly.Click To Tweet

Regular posting lead to more blog traffic and, ultimately, more website traffic! Squee!

4. It showcases your products or services.

Another reason why you need a blog is that potential consumers or clients don’t always land where you want them to land (i.e. on your website’s product or services pages).

But, having a blog makes them more likely to land somewhere related.

Then, if you utilise blog posts to showcase your products or services, you can simply direct potential consumers or clients to the relevant pages.

Blogs effectively increase your website traffic, which also increases your chances of making a sale or securing a client.

5. It converts readers to customers or clients.

In time, if you’re producing effective blog content and have developed a deep and trustworthy relationship with your readers by demonstrating your authority in that niche and showcasing your products and services (*gasps for air*), then there’s no reason why these readers won’t convert.

If not straight away, then ultimately.

Think about it.


6. It’s the 21st century.

All the smart people in business are already aware of all of these reasons and are blogging away each and every week. It’s about time that you got in on the secret.

It’s about time that you joined the 21st century.

Not to be harsh, but the online world is only going to keep growing.

It’s no longer acceptable to just market your brand or service offline. You need to be part of the online world too.Click To Tweet

Successful online marketing nowadays involves having your own engaging and actionable blog content.

It’s as simple as ABC.

(123… Ahem.)

Rose Gold Flatlay

Basically, the main reason why you need a blog is that it provides you with a PR platform where you can communicate and engage with potential consumers or clients (for free!)

If you do blogging right, you’ll soon find that your website traffic increases significantly, sales or demand for your services rises, and you develop a loyal customer or client base.

It’s time to jump on the blogging bandwagon now, if you haven’t already, otherwise you’re going to get seriously left behind.

And nobody wants that.

Here’s to successful blogging!