Imagine putting in all the hard work to get your blog up and running. Envisage devoting blood, sweat and tears into your content and shouting about it as much as you can on social media, only to struggle to obtain those all-important clicks.

Or, even worse, your content gets eyeballed briefly by your target reader who then bounces off your blog just as quick as they arrived – never to be seen again.

It would suck, right?

Well, some bloggers don’t have to play pretend because this scenario is very much real-life for them.

It’s no secret that a large part of blogging is showcasing authority in your niche. However, it’s also about building trust with your audience.

If you can build trust, you develop loyalty as a by-product, which then encourages your blog readers to keep coming back for more.

And do you know what this means? You increase the likelihood of your reader becoming a subscriber to your email list or a paid customer for your product or service.

But is it easy getting your audience to trust you? Well, not always.

That said, there are some simple steps that you can take if you’re genuinely dedicated to learning how to grow your blog audience.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

1. Make Sure Your Website Stands Out

How to grow your blog audience 101: make sure your platform is top notch.

If you land on a website and it takes forever to load or a blog has a lacklustre design, then would you really want to stick around? Nope, me neither.

The trick is to deliver a seamless online experience that entices a reader and makes them want to continue interacting with your content. From dreamy-looking imagery to intuitive widgets, be sure to create a website that sticks out in your reader’s memory in order to truly encourage return visits.

2. Focus On Topics That Answer Their Questions

Likewise, use your content to answer any questions that your core reader might have.

Use keyword research tools like UberSuggest and Answer The Public to find topics that your reader will find useful. Then create content that includes relevant search terms and answers their pain points to gain organic traffic via SEO.

Answer The Public

It’s all about delivering value in your own unique way. The golden rule is: if you always write for your reader first, then more readers will follow.


3. Feature Content That’s Easy to Scan

An important thing to remember when it comes to how to grow your blog audience: featuring big walls of a text in a blog post is a no-no.

Everyone who writes web copy knows that your core reader is more likely to be checking out your content on a mobile device nowadays. Ergo, they’re not going to bother with your content unless it’s easy to digest.

Scannable blog posts that contain short paragraphs, subheadings and bulleted lists are the future. Everything else is just white noise.

Harsh? Maybe. But it’s also true.

4. Be Consistent

Produce a content schedule for your audience to enjoy and stick to it.

Since I started including content strategy as one of my services, I’ve noticed that being inconsistent is where so many bloggers and small businesses are going wrong.

Want to grow your audience? The trick is to show up for them at the times that you say you’re going to.Click To Tweet

Don’t tell your readers that you’re going to deliver blog content every week but then have huge gaps in between posts where they wonder where the heck you’ve gone.

After all, how are supposed to build trust with your audience if you keep bailing on them? Unreliability isn’t cool.

5. Hang Out Where They Hang Out

One of my top tips in terms of how to grow your blog audience is to go wherever your target readers are.

Whether it’s on certain social media channels, at networking events or on press trips, find your ideal community and engage with them on a regular basis.

For instance, if you’re targeting fellow freelance writers in the UK, I know for a fact that an awesome bunch of professionals participate in a Twitter chat every Tuesday morning at 11am under the hashtag #ContentClubUK. You’re welcome.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

6. Use Social Media to Find Newbies

Similarly, social media isn’t just great for being friendly with your current audience. You can also wield its power to find new potential blog readers.

Are you targeting fashion bloggers? Discover them via #fbloggers and #fblog across Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Alternatively, are you in the travel industry? Use #TravelTuesday and #travelbloggers to find your tribe.

Either way, use social media as a promotional tool to showcase your latest blog post, for sure, but don’t forget to include relevant hashtags to get your content seen by the right people.

7. Comment On Their Content

Blogging isn’t a one-way street, don’t you know? It’s not just about you and your blog.Click To Tweet

If your desired audience is fellow bloggers or business owners, show them that you appreciate what they’re doing in the online world too. Comment on other people’s blog posts, like their photos on Instagram and offer helpful insights on their LinkedIn statuses.

It’s all about generating conversation in the hope that they will support you just like you’re supporting them.

Pretty straightforward, right?

8. Guest Post on High-Authority Blogs

Another winner in terms of how to grow your blog audience is to guest post on other blogs. And if they’re high-authority with a good DA score? Even better.

Guest posting allows you to tap into the other blogger’s audience so that you can drive clicks back to your website and develop new (loyal) readers.

Leveraging each other’s audiences is very common in the blogging world to benefit both the bloggers and their audiences alike. And do you know what? It’s actually super effective.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

9. Allow Others to Guest Post on Your Blog

This leverage can also consist of allowing other bloggers to guest post on your blog.

What’s the benefit of this I hear you ask? Well, if the other blogger agrees to promote your post across all their online channels (whether this is through their email list, social media or their blog), it drives traffic back to your blog.

And more traffic equals a larger blog audience. Squee.

10. Grow Your Email List

Finally, one of the best tips I can give you when it comes to how to grow your blog audience is to also keep trying to build your email list.

If you offer a freebie on your blog so that people will subscribe to your email list, the chances are that one-off visitors will just sign up purely to swipe the freebie (which is okay – it happens).

Having said that, if you want to ensure that a random subscriber becomes one of your ride-or-die blog readers, then be sure to nurture your email list. Check in with them every now and again, send them links to your fresh blog posts and generally make the effort to ensure that they won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Figuring Out How to Grow Your Blog Audience

Growing your blog audience isn’t a quick or straightforward task. That said, there are some simple steps you can take to make a positive move in the right direction.

You might be wondering: how long does it take to build a blog audience? But it’s important to note that it’s not a race, okay?

In addition, it’s essential to realise that what works for one blog might not work for another, so take your time to explore different options until you find a good match for you.

And always remember that content is King. If your blog isn’t growing, then the number one reason why usually relates to your content. Make some tweaks, revamp your design and refocus your niche if you need to – and I guarantee that it won’t be long before your blog audience doubles in size.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

What are your top tips when it comes to how to grow your audience? What did and didn’t work for you? Let me know in the comments!