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I'm Katie, a freelance content writer with personality
from the UK

It’s been six years since I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 2:1 degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding. (Man, doesn’t time fly?)

Ever since then, I’ve been honing my craft in the freelance writing and blogging world alongside studying Freelance Journalism at the College of Media and Publishing.

So far, I’ve undertaken copywriting, article writing and blog writing for countless international businesses and publications while managing my own successful niche blog – KatieKat. 

Let’s just get straight to the point. You need compelling copy that drives traffic to your website or blog, connects consumers and calls them to action.

And you also probably need me to stop using so many C’s in one sentence. Ahem.

Either way, as a freelance content writer, I’m here for you. I know that you’re busy. I understand that you’re not a words expert and you’re looking to find someone who is.

Whether you want to promote your product, brand or service or just want to create valuable, engaging and SEO-friendly content for your readers, I can help. I can turn your content dreams into reality.

What Do You Get When You Hire Me?

Creative Thinking

I pride myself on my creative idea generation and out-of-the-box thought process. I can also guarantee that any content I produce for you will be 100% original.

Engaging Copy

I write with the reader in mind and I’m all about delivering fluff-free value. Being able to provide well-researched, actionable advice also fills me with immense joy.

SEO Formatting

I always ensure each piece of content I produce is easy to read and scannable for the reader. If it’s got subheadings, bullet points and relevant imagery, I’m all for it.

Efficient Service

High-quality content that’s in line with your specifications and time restrictions is a yes from me. Plus, as soon as you hire me, you’ll have a friend for life from England. Fact.

Core Specialisms

Even though I’d say I’m a pretty versatile writer, as imperfect human beings, we can’t be good at everything – am I right?

Lucky for you, I’ve produced B2C and B2B pieces in a number of niches in my career thus far, such as beauty, health, wellness, lifestyle, business, entrepreneurship, finance and interior design. That said, I have three core areas of expertise.

  • Fashion: I may have a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing but my degree isn’t all I am, OK? I’ve worked for six different corporate fashion companies in my life so far.
  • Digital Marketing: Following the completion of my degree, I worked in marketing at two different-sized companies. These experiences taught me a range of methods and techniques you can use to grow online businesses.
  • Travel: Studying Freelance Journalism allowed me to become well-versed in travel feature writing. I also have a ton of life experience and knowledge of various cultures from backpacking around the world twice in my twenties.
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When you’re running a business and trying to juggle a variety of tasks, it can severely affect the quality of your work. Fancy saving yourself a headache?

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Content Creation

I can create that dreamy copy you’ve always desired through blogging, ghostwriting, copywriting and editing.

Content Strategy

I can assist you with all your content marketing needs and effectively streamline your online strategy.

Content Tips and Tricks

My blog serves as an extensive resource for content marketers looking to take their online businesses to the next level.

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