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Beginner bloggers, struggle no longer.
Take your blog interstellar.

Picture the scene…

You’ve just created a shiny new blog post that you think would be perfect for your target audience.

You’ve picked a suitable topic, created an engaging piece of writing and included enticing images that relate to the subject.

As a result, you’re excited to hit the “Publish” button.

Why? Well, you just know that this blog post is going to be THE ONE. You know, the one that goes VIRAL and causes your blog traffic to EXPLODE.

But lo and behold, a week passes and there’s only the sound of crickets.

There are no new comments, no new readers, no new blog traffic… Nothing.


What if I told you there was a better way?

What if you knew how to focus on a main keyword for each blog post, so you could build your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) page by page and ultimately rank higher for these keywords on Google? And this meant that when you hit “Publish”, you’d instantly receive traction for every blog post you write?

It’d be out of this world, right?

After all, this would then lead to new website visitors, blog readers, email subscribers and even paid customers of your physical or digital products!

Ergo, happy days.

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Superstar Your Blog Post SEO

This 65-page eBook will walk you through each step of the SEO blog writing process in order.

It will help you shoot for the moon (i.e. the number one ranking on Google). And even if you don’t quite get there, it will help you land among the stars (i.e. the first page of Google).

What’s inside the eBook?

Chapter 1: What is SEO & Why is it important?

This will outline the basics of Search Engine Optimisation and how it affects bloggers in today’s competitive digital world.

Chapter 2: How Does Google Work?

This will go into the inner workings of Google and how people use Google as a problem-solver in their everyday lives.

Chapter 3: What is keyword research?

This will cover the basics of keyword research and how bloggers should perform it to their advantage.

Chapter 4: Writing for search engines

This is a detailed step-by-step guide that includes my blog post SEO checklist and how to use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Chapter 5: Other ways to improve your seo

This will outline how you can better your website’s overall SEO through backlinking and technical tweaks to gain even more traffic.

Chapter 6: evaluating your blog posts

This will teach you how to re-assess your keyword for blog posts you’ve already written and includes my evaluation checklist.

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generated more blog traffic in the first MONTH!

“This is one of the most helpful eBooks I’ve read. The methods have already shown to improve my ranking and drive up my blog’s traffic in the first month! Katie was able to explain concepts which were once overwhelming. She also introduces tools which helped my SEO score through better overall blog writing, keyword usage and more. If you’re a beginner blogger and confused about the overwhelming world of SEO or just want to continue improving, I’d highly recommend this eBook.”

– Nathan @ The Art of Lifestyle

Hello, I'm Katie!

I’m a British freelance writer who has created blog posts for over 100 companies, large and small, in the last three years. 

In addition to my clients’ content, my own blog posts for The Trendy Tourist and Dream Scribe are sitting pretty on the first page of Google.

And now I want to help other businesses achieve the same success, just by level-upping their SEO blog writing skills.

Katie Davies

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Due to the digital nature of this eBook, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please email hello@dreamscribe.co.uk if you have any questions about its contents.

Buying this eBook is a one-off investment in yourself and your business. However, you have the lessons you learn for a lifetime!

The answer is up to you depending on when you decide to implement the teachings from this eBook. SEO is known to be a long game, but you can notice significant results after  3-6 months.

The results will vary based on how much time and effort you put into implementing the strategies from this eBook. Therefore, I don’t like to suggest guaranteed results.

If you’re not willing to read the contents in full, try to follow the actionable steps or persevere until you start seeing results, I don’t think this eBook is for you.

I’m in the process of creating an affiliate program for this eBook. If you’re interested in joining, please email hello@dreamscribe.co.uk with your details.


A conversational and easy-to-follow guide!

Superstar Your Blog Post SEO is an all-encompassing and resource-packed guide that covers everything you need to know about laying the foundations of — and then perfecting — the SEO of your website or writing. It breaks down an otherwise complex and overwhelming subject into digestible, bite-sized pieces that’ll help you boost up in the SERPs and otherwise improve your traffic and conversions.”

– Daniel @ DanMattia.com

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