• 15 Blogging Lessons I’ve Learned During a Pandemic

    Blogging Lessons

    Trying to run any kind of business during a pandemic is nothing short of challenging. And blog-based businesses are no exception, whether you write for other blogs for a living, monetise your own or both (hi, I’m the latter). The truth is, the last six months have been a massive learning curve for us all. We’ve had to pivot our businesses based on which income streams are paying the bills and which aren’t. […]


  • How to Choose the Best Online Business Idea for You

    Choose the Best Online Business Idea for You

    Newsflash: it’s impossible for you to achieve all your entrepreneurial dreams if you haven’t even decided on an online business idea. From a product-based fashion store to a service-based graphic design agency, the choices are endless. That said, it’s important to choose the right option for you. After all, this decision could be the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to get off the ground. […]


  • How to Build Your Freelance Writing Portfolio as a Beginner

    Build Your Freelance Writing Portfolio

    One of your first tasks as a new freelance writer is to start creating your freelance writing portfolio. But, this wouldn’t be just any freelance writing portfolio — it would consist of your best samples in your niche or field of expertise. (In other words, if you want to write about medical subjects, the piece of fluff you wrote about how much you love your new puppy might not be the best move…)[…]


  • Business Owner Burnout: The Tell-Tale Signs and How to Avoid It

    Blogger Burnout

    Business owner burnout happens to the best of us. You know how it goes: you’re working your butt off as a new entrepreneur. You’re doing different types of work on a daily basis. You’re marketing yourself consistently. Everything seems to be going swimmingly. But, somewhere along the way, you push a little too hard […]