• 10 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

    Instagram Marketing Tips

    One minute, Instagram is giving you all you ever dreamed of in terms of followers, clicks and engagement. Then the next minute, your numbers are declining quicker than Usain Bolt on a relay track. Sound familiar? I’m not surprised. Thanks to the popular visual platform’s recent algorithm change in November 2019, it’s even more difficult to stand out amongst all the other businesses on there. That said, it is possible. […]


  • 10 Cold Pitching Tips for New Freelancers

    Freelance Writing Tips

    Cold pitching tips are hard to find as a new freelancer. After all, there’s no set rulebook when it comes to cold emailing, i.e. reaching out to a company you’ve never spoken to before and introducing yourself via email. What works for one freelancer might not work for another. And it’s kind of scary putting yourself out there for strangers to judge your abilities, whether you’re a new business owner or not. Right? That said, it’s 100% worth doing. […]


  • How to Start a Freelance Business in 10 Simple Steps

    How to Start a Freelance Business From Home

    Full disclosure: starting your own freelance business is hard work. From the endless hours you have to put in to get it up and running to the constant marketing you have to do to sustain it, needless to say, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody. That said, there are many benefits to being your own boss, such as setting your own hours, making your own rules and being able to work from anywhere with a WiFi connection. […]


  • The Future of Blogging (in 2021 and Beyond!)

    Cold Pitching Tips

    Let’s face it: there’s been a lot of talk on social media lately regarding the future of traditional blogging. (You know, the type that revolves around an individual blogging about their passions rather than a business blogging about their niche.) Is blogging dead? Has it just been taking a backseat? What will happen in 2021? […]