• How to Start a Freelance Business in 10 Simple Steps

    How to Start a Freelance Business From Home

    Full disclosure: starting your own freelance business is hard work. From the endless hours you have to put in to get it up and running to the constant marketing you have to do to sustain it, needless to say, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody. That said, there are many benefits to being your own boss, such as setting your own hours, making your own rules and being able to work from anywhere with a WiFi connection. […]


  • The Future of Blogging (This Year and Beyond!)

    Cold Pitching Tips

    Let’s face it: there’s been a lot of talk on social media lately regarding the future of traditional blogging. (You know, the type that revolves around an individual blogging about their passions rather than a business blogging about their niche.) Is blogging dead? Has it just been taking a backseat? What will happen in 2021? […]


  • Why You Should Start a Freelancing Business

    Freelance Writing Clients

    Let me guess, you’re tempted to start a freelancing business. You’ve been contemplating it for a while. But you just need a little push to get you going. (Well, consider this that little push.) Flashback to 2017 when I was in your position. I was a young, broke graduate four years out of university. I’d spent a couple of years prior working in offices in between travelling while I tried to figure out what to do with my life.[…]


  • SEO Basics for Bloggers: 10 Things You Need to Know

    Guest Posting for Bloggers

    Hands up if you find the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) completely confusing as a beginner blogger? I mean, from identifying the best platforms for keyword research to figuring out what the terminology means (meta description, anyone?), there’s a lot to take in before you can even start writing a post. That said, it’s worth putting some time aside to learn the techniques. […]