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From branding to marketing, strategy to mindset, here are some tips and tricks to help you create, run and market a successful online business.

  • White and Rose Gold Flat Lay

    How to Create a Visual Brand Identity for Your Business

    A “visual brand identity” is how you define your business aesthetically, from your logo to your colour palette. Therefore, it’s so important to have one that’s coherent, attractive and unique. After all, it needs to communicate what your business is about. But it also needs to be memorable enough to set your brand apart from your competitors. […]


  • Blogger Imposter Syndrome

    Blogger Imposter Syndrome: What is It and How Do You Beat It?

    It’s tough being a new blogger. Whether you’re freelance blogging for other businesses or creating your own money-making blog, you’re trying to figure out a new industry while adjusting to a new way of working, and ultimately a new way of life. Does this sound familiar: you have some successful days where you truly believe in what you’re doing and trust in your talent? But then you also have those days where you feel like a total fraud? […]