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Women’s Dating and Lifestyle Online Magazine (2017)

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Information and Advice Site (2017)

First Teenager Kiss


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Psychology, Relationships and General Tips Blog (2017)

How To Deal with Being in a Long Distance Relationship

How To Resolve an Argument with Your Partner

How Facebook Can Have a Negative Effect on Your Relationship

Dating FAQ’s: A Guide for Beginners

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Dating Advice Blog (2017)

What to Wear on a First Date: Do’s and Don’ts

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Dating For Dummies: Do’s and Don’ts

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Mental Health

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Mental Health Community Site (2017)

How to Combat 5 Common Negative Thoughts

From Socialite to Recluse: Depression and My College Years


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Psychology, Relationships and General Tips Blog (2017)

5 Ways To Combat Anxiety

How to Make the Most Out of Your Life

5 Sayings We Should All Live By


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Information and Advice Site (2017)

10 Important Questions to Ask Your Dad



Online Women’s Lifestyle Magazine (2013 – 2015)

Dryathalon: The Benefits of Alcohol Detox