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The Beginner Blogger’s Toolkit


Ever wished there was one-stop shop of all the tools you need to make money blogging, whether this is through freelancing or monetising your own blog?

Well, your wish is my command!

This 20-page guide features online tools that not only level-up your blogging efforts in terms of website design and blog post writing, but they also help you to manage a successful and profitable blogging business.

Now you don’t have to get lost in the crowd as a blogging expert in today’s competitive digital landscape. You can stand out!



For beginner bloggers, it can be difficult to know how to get started when it comes to freelance blogging for other companies or monetising your own niche blog.

Either way, there are some ESSENTIAL tools that you need for success.

The Beginner Blogger’s Toolkit is a 20-page resource outlining the exact tools I use to run and monetise two successful blogs for different audiences and as a freelance blogger for other businesses. The areas that these tools fall under include:

  • Writing
  • Visuals
  • Business
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Design
  • Analytics
  • Marketing

This is what fellow freelance writer and blogger Dan Mattia had to say about The Beginner Blogger’s Toolkit:

Dan Mattia “There are a whole slew of tools available to help you set up and manage your blog. Luckily, Katie’s identified the best ones to make running your blog simpler, easier and more effective – tools that I myself use and love.”

Not only is it time to make some drastic improvements to your blogging efforts and take them to the NEXT LEVEL, but it’s also time for you to stand out as a blogging expert in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Are you with me?

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