Need a UK freelance writer for your blog or business?

Look no further! I know that you’re busy. I understand that you’re not a words expert and you’re looking to find someone who is.

Do you need copy that drives traffic to your website or blog and contains compelling content which engages and connects with consumers and calls them to action? Or do you need me to stop using so many C’s in one sentence?

Whether you desire to promote your product, brand or service or just want to create valuable, engaging and SEO-friendly content for your readers, I can help. I can turn your content dreams into reality.

UK Freelance Writer

The Types of Writing I Specialise In

I have three key specialisms when it comes to being a wordsmith:

  • Blog writing – Whether it’s B2C or B2B, I love to blog. I’ve been a proud and successful blog owner for over six years, therefore, I know what I’m doing when it comes to blogging. Let me take your blog off your hands! As well as undertaking SEO best practices, I can create valuable content for your readers and turn your blog into the prime leader of your online marketing strategy.
  • Copywriting – Need converting copy? I have strong copywriting experience from my past marketing jobs, therefore I can assist you when it comes to writing persuasive texts for your website, email newsletters, social media channels, press releases, or other promotional materials.
  • Ghostwriting – I understand that sometimes you want to be able to write for yourself, but you can’t because you’re simply too busy! I’m well versed in adjusting to a brand’s tone of voice and writing style to produce engaging content on their behalf. So, don’t sweat it – I’ve got you covered.

I can also proofread and edit any piece of writing for you – just give me a try. The sky’s the limit!

My Niches of Expertise

Although I’m a dynamic and versatile UK freelance writer, I primarily produce content in the below niches:

  • Fashion – I have a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing from Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Alongside this, I have previously worked for six different corporate fashion companies, as well as blogged in the fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle niches since university. Fashion is a big passion of mine, to say the least!
  • Digital Marketing – Following the completion of my university degree in Fashion Marketing, I worked in the marketing departments of three different sized companies. Need B2B content? No problem – I can write about methods and techniques to grow online businesses using a range of promotional strategies.
  • Women’s Lifestyle – Having recently graduated from the College of Media and Publishing where I studied Freelance Journalism, I am well versed on the subject of feature writing for women’s lifestyle magazines. I’ve also been fortunate enough to go backpacking around the world on two separate occasions in the last four years, which provided me with tons of life experience and knowledge of various cultures. I ventured to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as new cities within the UK.

In addition to the aforementioned niches, I have produced content in the health, wellness, finance and interior design industries as a UK freelance writer. Please check out my Projects page for more details.

Blog Auditing and Development

Trying to grow your blog and audience but struggling to figure out the next steps? Not to worry – I’m here to give you a helping hand.

After all, I started my first blog eight years ago and have been working as a successful full-time freelance blogger for almost two years, so I realise the importance of having a valuable and engaging corner of the Internet where you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche and drive those all-important clicks and conversions.

That being said, there’s no point in having a blog if it’s not going to stand out amidst the growing number of bloggers in today’s competitive digital landscape. That’s where I come in with my specialised blog development packages.

I know – check me out, right?

Freelance Fashion and Beauty Writer

Dream Content – £99

As content is king in the online marketing world, if you don’t have compelling blog posts then you don’t have anything. This package will help you to refine your niche and target audience to ensure that you deliver optimised content for both your core reader and search engines.

Once I’ve assessed your current blog content against metrics such as topics, length, visual aids, and SEO formatting, I’ll send you an audit report that covers your strengths and weaknesses, along with the improvements you can make not only to keep your current readers engaged, but also to attract new readers.

Try this package if:

  • You’re stuck when it comes to new topic ideas
  • You’re struggling to define your niche
  • You need some help with formatting your posts for SEO

Dream Blog – £149

Looking to take your blog to the next level? This package is designed to assess various aspects of your current blogging efforts from blog design and branding to categories, content, topic choice, SEO formatting, audience and monetisation methods.

Once I’ve conducted an extensive analysis of your blogging journey thus far, I’ll craft a customised blog strategy document identifying the strengths of your blog, along with tips, tricks and ideas on how you can improve certain aspects to better achieve your blogging goals and an increased ROI.

Try this package if:

  • You’re struggling to produce a cohesive blog design and brand that captivates your core reader
  • You feel stuck in a rut with your blogging journey and you’re not sure how to move forward
  • You want to turn your blog into a profitable business

Dream Online Presence – £199

Like the sound of the Dream Blog package but wouldn’t mind a few extras to strengthen your online presence and establish yourself as the best blogging business around? Then try this one on for size.

Creating a consistent and comprehensive brand across social media channels is challenging nowadays, especially when there are so many opportunities to be seen. If you want to grow your brand and ensure equal and accurate representation across all your online channels, this package will help you streamline your profiles and optimise them for your target audience.

As well as receiving a Dream Blog auditing report, I’ll conduct an in-depth analysis on your social media channels and provide you with a list of recommendations on how you can boost your online presence to ultimately drive more traffic to your blog.

Try this package if:

  • Your online brand feels disjointed and you want to improve it
  • You’re not sure which social media channels to use or how to present yourself
  • You feel like you’re not maximising your full potential on social media

How Does This Service Work Exactly?

Well, I’m glad you asked:

  • Choose from one of the three packages above (Dream Content, Dream Blog or Dream Online Presence)
  • Email me with your blog URL and chosen package to register your interest and you’ll be sent a short questionnaire about your blog and goals
  • Once I’ve received your answers and confirmed we’re a great fit to work together, I’ll send you an invoice for your blog development package
  • Once the invoice has been paid, I’ll email you with a carefully curated report (in PDF format) within 7 days

We’ll then be best blogging buddies for life. Fact.

Blog Mentoring

If none of my blog development packages are quite right for you or you’re looking for unique personalised assistance, then why not try my blog mentoring services instead?

I’ll work with you one-on-one to overcome specific challenges and pain points and provide tangible solutions.

For this service or any of my services for that matter, simply contact me here for a unique, detailed quote that is tailored according to your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you!